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Welcome to our practice!

We have created a cosmetic dental practice that puts your smile out there: front and center, for everyone to see. You'll love the results that we can get with our combination of latest technology and experienced, caring dental professionals.

We are one of the few Eco-Friendly dental offices in Los Angeles: Digital Dentistry or Eco-Dentistry is high-tech and saves everything: your health, your time, your money, and the environment!   

How to Maintain a Brilliant Smile?

1. Brush twice a day your entire mouth, not just your teeth with a soft brush. Clean much more the gum line & in between teeth than the smooth surface of your teeth. Power brushes are awesome! Buy a good one. Replace your brush every 2 months. This simple habit will remove plaque before it has a chance to cause decay. Fact: Less than 50% of people brush more than once a day!

2. Daily clean in between your teeth with your favorite tool. Come to us, and we will find together the gadget that works best in your hands. Reaching between teeth and below the gumline where disease often starts, removes up to 40% more plaque than brushing alone. Floss pick daily!

3. Use a tongue scraper and a mouth rinse - it's another simple and important  thing to do!

4. After eating anything rinse your mouth with water, chew on Orbit or Spry chewing gum (it promotes salivation and removes food particles that may be attached to your teeth).

5. Wear a Mouth Guard when playing sports or if you clech/grind at night.

6. We all know how important a good and balanced diet is for our health: minimize the intake of soft drinks, sugar, and starch/sticky foods: go the extra mile for your smile!  After all, your unique smile is yours to keep! Eat healthfully.​​

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